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Kentucky Wildcats T-Shirts

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Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Breast Cancer Awareness Live Love Fight T-Shirt – Pink

Other than dealing with their numerous rivals your UK Wildcats battle yet another opponent every October ?€” breast cancer. Now you can support your Wildcats in this important fight with this Live Love Fight tee! This slim fit tee features a distressed Kentucky logo printed on the front along with a large BCA ribbon and “Live Love Fight” lettering. Best of all a portion of the proceeds from this shirt funds breast cancer research making you an essential part in the fight against this disease.




$ 20.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Karma Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White

Your Wildcats fanaticism goes way back. When you were a little girl you couldn?€™t wait to be a Kentucky student. Just because you?€™re all grown up now doesn?€™t mean you can?€™t celebrate your team?€™s important role in college sports history. Featuring a distressed screen print graphic of the team name and team logo on the chest the Karma hooded tee pays tribute to the Wildcats’ momentous past. Sport this tee to show that Kentucky will always be the greatest in your mind!




$ 27.95

Kentucky Wildcats Women’s Cirrus Three Quarter Sleeve Burnout T-Shirt – White

As a die-hard Wildcats fan you always want to be outfitted in the latest and greatest Kentucky style. Before you head to the game make sure you toss on this cool Cirrus tee! This burnout tee features a distressed school name above the Kentucky logo and raglan-style contrast-colored sleeves. On game day you will be the most stylish Wildcats fan in the stadium!




$ 27.95

Nike Kentucky Wildcats Ladies DNA T-Shirt – Royal Blue

You?€™re in the crowd watching your Wildcats prepare for a big game. The coaches are giving the players words of advice but you know the best advice for your team is ?€œJust Do It!?€ Say it loudly with this slim fit DNA T-shirt from Nike! With big bold ?€œJust Do It Kentucky?€ lettering on the front your team will definitely get the message. There?€™s even a Kentucky wordmark on the back right shoulder. You?€™ll look and feel great displaying your fierce Wildcats spirit!




$ 24.95

Kentucky Wildcats Womens Patriotic Slim Fit T-Shirt – White

The fourth of July is approaching quickly. Show off your patriotic spirit and add a little Kentucky flavor. You?€™ll look stylin’ at any Independence Day party with this Patriotic slim fit tee! The shirt features a stars and stripes circle with a Wildcats logo at its center. Its slim fit and soft fabric will have you looking stunning. This fourth you?€™ll be part of the Big Blue Nation as well as the crowd watching the fireworks!




$ 21.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Lurex Script Premium T-Shirt – Royal Blue

You are known around campus as a Wildcats game day fashionista. Die-hard fans like you make the Wildcats proud so showcase your team spirit in this Lurex Script tee. This premium shirt features a V-neck collar rhinestones surrounding an embroidered metallic school name on the front a metallic team logo embroidered at the hem and a rhinestone script team name on the upper back. This shirt combined with your UK pride will make your team spirit shine from a mile away!




$ 49.95

Nike Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Celebration T-Shirt – Royal Blue

Conquering sixty-seven teams in their battle to claim the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champs title should prove just how much your Wildcats deserve all the festivities that are sure to follow the big win. Make sure you’re ready to party down with Kentucky in this Celebration tee from Nike. Featuring “No 1 Greater” lettering over a school logo on the front it’s sure to have people everywhere chanting “On! On U of K!”




$ 19.99

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Holiday Glitter Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Royal Blue

Everybody?€™s favorite time of year is just around the corner – the holiday season. Spread the festive cheer with a little Kentucky flair in this Holiday Glitter long sleeve tee. It features a Wildcats Christmas tree with a Kentucky wordmark as the topper and Happy Holidays lettering at the bottom. Plenty of glitter is in the design to make sure your team spirit shimmers and shines!




$ 34.95

Kentucky Wildcats Women’s Nimbus Three-Quarter Sleeve T-Shirt – Charcoal/Royal Blue

You?€™re on cloud nine whenever you get to watch your Wildcats play. Keep your Kentucky spirits flying high well after the game in the Nimbus tee. This raglan-style shirt features team-colored sleeves and the Kentucky logo sandwiched in between the school and team name printed on the front. It also has a slim fit so you can look your best while rocking Wildcats style. In this tee you?€™ll be soaring with team pride that cannot be ignored!




$ 27.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Bling Rhinestone Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Royal Blue

Flair and Wildcats are two of your favorite words. It?€™s even better when both words are in one sentence. Show off your Wildcats flair in this Bling Rhinestone Logo long sleeve T-shirt. This fabulous tee features a rhinestoned Wildcats wordmark on the chest and “Kentucky” lettering by the hem. All your sparkling team pride will be on display!




$ 52.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Rhinestone Outline Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White

Showing off your Kentucky spirit is an art form because picking out the perfect ensemble is like making a beautiful painting. You like to start at the bottom with your socks then your pants your belt and then the highlight of your masterpiece – your shirt. This Rhinestone Outline long sleeve tee features a slight V-neck a beautifully embroidered Wildcats wordmark across the chest with a cute rhinestone outline a team logo embroidered at the right hem and Kentucky lettering with rhinestone accents at the upper back. You could be an exhibit in the team pride Hall of Fame with this breathtaking canvas!




$ 52.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Illusion Slim Fit V-Neck T-Shirt – Dark Ash

You love going for a walk around campus after class because it?€™s so serene and enjoyable. Besides going to the game this is when you?€™re proudest to be a Kentucky student. Show off your school spirit on any occasion with this Illusion slim fit V-neck tee! The beautiful design shows off a Kentucky wordmark vertically above team lettering on the front while the back yoke displays the team wordmark. This original display of Wildcats loyalty will be a versatile piece in your wardrobe!




$ 21.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Foil Raglan T-Shirt – White/Royal Blue

You aren?€™t a run-of-the-mill Kentucky fan so you refuse to wear run-of-the-mill Kentucky attire. This loud and proud three-quarter sleeve raglan tee is just the type of statement you want to make. Its unique design features a Commonwealth Stadium graphic ?€œWildcats?€ lettering a Kentucky wordmark and feminine foliage accents all in a metallic foil print. The contrast screen printed Wildcats logo and team-colored sleeves and collar complete the look. You?€™ll definitely stand out at the next UK event in this tee!




$ 35.95

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies Charm V-Neck T-Shirt – Pink

Your Wildcats are nothing to sneeze at. They work entirely too hard to be supported by bandwagon fans sporting lackluster gear. Step up your Kentucky fanaticism while maintaining your feminine flair in this adorable pink Charm V-neck tee. Featuring ?€œWildcat Nation?€ lettering in black and metallic screen print accented with rhinestones this slim fit T-shirt is definitely worthy of a team as elite as the Wildcats and a girl as fashion-savvy as yourself.




$ 21.95

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Promo Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White

Rival fans can harrumph as much as they want but there’s no denying it now?€”your Wildcats proved they have what it takes to be the best by claiming the 2012 National Champs title. Whoop it up with Kentucky in this Promo tee featuring stand-out Champs lettering with a school logo and stylized basketball graphic printed on the front for an undeniable show of your team’s bragging rights!




$ 18.99

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Go Team Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Royal Blue

Rally your loudest cheers for the 2012 National Champions when you celebrate Kentucky’s big-time win in this Go Team tee. It’s got bold champs lettering and “Go Wildcats” script printed around the school name and logo on the front.




$ 18.99

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Again Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Black

The Wildcats talked a big game and came out on top so help Kentucky celebrate its latest Tournament Championship victory in style with the Again tee. This premium top features stylized champs lettering with a school logo around basketball graphics boasting each year that your team has claimed tournament glory printed on the front.




$ 18.99

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Scripted Burnout T-Shirt – White/Royal Blue

Make a big-time play for your Wildcats as you celebrate their 2012 NCAA National Championship victory with this Scripted tee. It features a large school name and logo below scripted “National Champions” lettering printed on the front of sheer burnout fabric with team-colored panels at the shoulders making this commemorative top the perfect addition to any proud fan’s gear!




$ 16.99

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Go Team T-Shirt – White

Rally your loudest cheers for the 2012 National Champions when you celebrate Kentucky’s big-time win in this Go Team tee. It’s got bold champs lettering and “Go Wildcats” script printed around the school name and logo on the front.




$ 11.99

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Ladies Ledge Score T-Shirt – Royal Blue

The Wildcats proved they’re a step above the rest so help them spread the news of their 2012 NCAA National Championship victory with the Ledge Score tee. It features a stylized basketball graphic behind bold Champs lettering with Kentucky’s logo between the final score of the Championship game printed on the front for a look that’s sure to incite top-notch celebrations!




$ 11.99