Kentucky Wildcats Luggage

Kentucky Wildcats Large Luggage Jersey – Black

Have you ever mistaken your bag for someone else’s at the airport? By attaching the Kentucky luggage jersey to your bag you won’t make that mistake again. It features a printed Kentucky Wildcats graphic on the front and is made from top-quality neoprene so it can stretch and won?€™t rip or tear. Stop looking at small nametags on luggage; spot your bag showing your Kentucky pride.




$ 39.95

Kentucky Wildcats White-Royal Blue Fade Reusable Tote Bag

Tote your groceries in eco-friendly NCAA style with this Wildcats reusable shopping tote featuring a color-changing ombre fade for stand-out style!




$ 2.99

Nike Kentucky Wildcats Gray-Royal Blue Home & Away Gym Bag

Tote your stuff in school pride with this Home & Away drawstring gym bag featuring two sides of team colors with the school name on one side and logo on the other!




$ 15

Kentucky Wildcats Black Slingback Backpack

Make sure your Wildcats always have your back when you carry your gear in this Slingback backpack. Featuring an embroidered felt applique school logo on the front of the zippered organizer pocket a school name printed down the side a padded laptop compartment inside and a single crossover padded adjustable strap this handy bag will keep you prepped and organized with spirited Kentucky flair.




$ 26.95

Kentucky Wildcats U Can Zip It Zipper Pull

Things look a lot better with a little dab of your Wildcats spirit don?€™t they? In an ideal world everyone would be walking around in rad UK gear. Unfortunately in the real world you often have to wear some bland gear to appear ?€œformal.?€ However there is a way for you to sneak some team pride in your everyday life: the U Can Zip It zipper pull! This enameled zipper features a vibrant team logo so people can see who you?€™re representing. Whether you want to decorate your jacket gym bag purse pants or shirt this little thingamajig is a subtle way of declaring your UK spirit!




$ 4.95

Kentucky Wildcats Embroidered Luggage Tag

You love to travel far and wide to see your Wildcats in action but layovers can really be a drag ?€” especially when you have 30 minutes to get from Terminal A to Terminal B and you have to channel the physical prowess of the Kentucky Wildcats to sprint through the airport. Easily keep track of your luggage as you travel from the terminal to baggage claim with this embroidered luggage tag. It features an embroidered school wordmark and a contrast border and has a clear slot on the back where you can slip a personal information card. Traveling is always an adventure but when you bring along your UK pride it becomes a cinch to conquer any problem that crosses your path.




$ 5.95

Kentucky Wildcats 2-Pack Zipper Pulls

Whether you?€™re traveling going to the gym or carrying your backpack you can clip these pulls onto your zippers to spruce up your bag with a touch of Wildcats team spirit. These rubberized tabs feature an embossed team wordmark and a team-colored cord that easily attaches to your zippers making them easy to slide open while adding some UK flavor to your gear. You can also attach these to your clothes to show off some team spirit on the go!




$ 5.95

Kentucky Wildcats Canvas Weekender Duffle Bag – Khaki

Plan a weekend getaway to Kentucky for the next big game! With this Canvas Weekender duffle bag you can pack everything you need and more. The large interior space features a removable divider one lined zippered pocket and two-sewn in pockets. Two large pockets are featured on the outside with hook and loop fasteners for easy access to cell phones wallets or any other small items. This leather accented bag also offers two carry handles and a removable adjustable strap to fit your varying travel needs. Your Wildcats pride will be instantly recognizable with a UK metal emblem on the front of this bag whether you?€™re in Kentucky or traveling abroad!




$ 74.95

Kentucky Wildcats Canvas Campus Backpack – Khaki

As a huge Wildcats fanatic you?€™re proud to start another school year. Get ready for class with this canvas Kentucky Campus backpack! This rustic backpack features multiple cargo pockets with leather trim stylish brushed metal buckles and a large main compartment. To add some team spirit to your day the top features a brushed metal Kentucky emblem on a leather patch. Go ahead; add a little Wildcats pep to your step as you go to class this year!




$ 79.95

Kentucky Wildcats Black Domestic Tote Bag

Ladies you know that you love to be organized and prepared just like your Wildcats are always prepared to dominate on the field. Now you can show off some team spirit as you carry around your indispensable necessities with this Domestic tote bag! With features such as a vibrant applique logo patch on the front a large compartment for all your goodies an interior zip pocket a front pocket a structured bottom panel and snap buttons on each side that expand the main compartment if necessary this tote is perfect for any Kentucky gal that wants to show off some team spirit at the gym at the beach or at the next tailgate!




$ 37.95

Kentucky Wildcats Black Leatherette Printed Logo Bag Tag

Let everyone know that your Wildcats pride has come to town when you arrive at your destination bags decked out in team spirit with this Logo luggage tag! It features a full-color school wordmark printed over the front of the leatherette exterior with a buckled attachment loop and a flap on the back hiding your information card which allows you to fill in your name address and phone number.




$ 8.95

Kentucky Wildcats Colossus Backpack – Royal Blue/Gray

Summertime is here which means two things: water fun and back-to-school shopping. Whether you?€™re heading out for a day of sun or equipping your young fan for the next school year you?€™re going to do it in style with this Wildcats Colossus backpack! The bag comes with three zippered compartments two small pockets inside two netted pockets on the side and a strategically placed headphone port for your convenience. It also features the Wildcats’ logo team colors and wordmark to show off your alliances. This spacious bag is perfect for school or some Kentucky fun!




$ 34.95

Kentucky Wildcats 3D Luggage Tag

Tote around your Wildcats team spirit by clipping this 3D luggage tag to your bag the next time you?€™re traveling playing golf or hitting the gym! This hologram masterpiece includes a lifelike team mascot ready to pop out and the team logo that changes every time you shift the tag both layered over a deep team-colored background. The back of the tag contains a window where you can insert the ID card that?€™s included with the purchase so you can never lose your luggage as you boast your Kentucky pride.




$ 5.95

Kentucky Wildcats Small Luggage Jersey – Black

Have you ever mistaken your bag for someone else’s at the airport? By attaching the Kentucky luggage jersey to your bag you won’t make that mistake again. It features a printed Kentucky Wildcats graphic on the front and is made from top-quality neoprene so it can stretch and won?€™t rip or tear. Stop looking at small nametags on luggage; spot your bag showing your Kentucky pride.




$ 34.95

Kentucky Wildcats Roadblock Duffel Bag – Black

Break into the next level of Kentucky travel gear with the convenience and organization of the Wildcats Roadblock duffel bag. This bag will make sure you are well prepared to go on trips with your team pride. It features a large main compartment with room enough for all your gear a deep side pocket with ventilation eyelets that?€™s perfect for shoe storage and printed team graphics on the top and side. With an embroidered felt applique logo and music player headphone port on the front this handy bag just made training and taking trips with your Wildcats a whole lot easier!




$ 39.95

Kentucky Wildcats Leather Executive Messenger Bag

You?€™re moving up the ladder and aiming for executive status. You need a professional appearance to reach your goals and adding Wildcats spirit to your look will make it even better! Achieve both with the Leather Executive messenger bag. This rustic bag features a large main compartment a leather-accented flap with stylish brushed metal buckles and two spacious pockets underneath. A Kentucky wordmark pin on a leather patch is displayed on the front for a constant reminder of your unyielding pride. When sporting this slick bag offering a hint of UK zeal you?€™ll impress anyone you come across.




$ 169.95

Kentucky Wildcats Royal Blue 2-Pack Luggage ID Tags

Take your Wildcats along for the ride by clipping these Luggage ID tags to your bags! Each team-colored tag offers vibrant team-spirited graphics along the surface and an easy-to-use loop that attaches quickly to your luggage. They even have ID windows on the interior that display all your information so your bags will be instantly recognizable and everyone will know the owner is a die-hard UK fan!




$ 9.95

Kentucky Wildcats 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Champions Logo iPad 2 Case

Take your pride for the Wildcats’ 2012 NCAA National Championship victory on the go when you equip your iPad 2 with this stylish cover featuring a bold Kentucky-inspired champs emblem!




$ 39.99

Kentucky Wildcats Mascot Backpack Pal

Every great superhero has a sidekick. Batman had Robin saving the world from evildoers. Captain Planet had the Planeteers cleaning up the planet one recycle bin at a time. Now there is your young Kentucky fan and The Wildcat ?€“ defeating rival teams in a single game! Your youngster?€™s superpower is this little thing you like to call fanaticism. Keep this dynamic duo together with this Mascot Backpack Pal. This backpack features a plush team mascot with an embroidered felt team logo on its tummy and a drawstring closure. The Wildcat will always have your little UK superfan?€™s back!




$ 24.95

Kentucky Wildcats Royal Blue Reusable Tote Bag

Tote your groceries in eco-friendly NCAA style with this Kentucky reusable shopping tote!




$ 2.49